Monthly talk- Graham Hollox: John Doughty & son

Tue, 17/05/2022 - 19:15

In this talk Graham will follow the fortunes of three generations of the Doughty family. Faced with a decline in the need for river traffic, Theophilius Doughty took the challenging decision to start manufacturing bricks and roofing tiles. His son, John developed the business and the family became wealthy pillars and benefactors of the community. Competition, wars and recession led to the failure of the company in later generations, a fate to befall all other similar companies which had played a major part in the economy of Jackfield and Broseley for over a hundred years.  

Currently the situation with Covid-19 and the impact on being able to hold our monthly meetings at the normal location in Cross Houses continues to be uncertain so the SFHS committee is still looking into how future talks will be delivered. It is hoped that there will be the opportunity for combined face to face meetings and Zoom as soon as possible.  Further details of how the meetings will be organised will be made available as soon as they are confirmed.