Shropshire FHS Feb 2017 Monthly Meeting

Tue, 21/02/2017 - 19:00

Subject - "Crime and Punishment in South Shropshire 1786-1898"
Speaker - Robert Hodge
Venue - The Old Chapel Community Centre, Cross Houses, Nr Shrewsbury SY5 6JH

Before the death sentence was made discretionary in 1823 (except for murder and treason), well over 200 offences were punishable by death: many of those were offences against property. Although not as many were hanged as might be imagined, transportation to a penal colony was common and many crimes resulted in hard labour and whipping. An examination of the prison records for fourteen parishes in south Shropshire shows wide variations in sentencing but less so in offences. Men, women and children were all treated harshly with no real difference in jailing for women. Repeat offences were not uncommon: nor was joint enterprise by family members. This talk highlights some interesting findings along with an analysis of crime and punishment in the area and looks at whether or not it can be concluded that crimes were committed by the poor out of desperation or deprivation.

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