Shropshire FHS May 2018 Monthly Meeting

Tue, 15/05/2018 - 19:00

Subject - "The Adventurous History of Sabrina Sidney 1757 - 1843” 
Speaker - Dr. Kate Croft
Venue - The Old Chapel Community Centre, Cross Houses, Nr Shrewsbury SY5 6JH

In 1769 Thomas Day, a member of the eighteenth century Lunar Society, embarked on a unique experiment to educate a twelve year old girl to become his wife.  He acquired a young girl from the Shrewsbury Foundling Hospital, whom he named Sabrina Sidney, and educated her according to the theories of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  He hoped, in time, to fashion for himself a new breed of Enlightenment wife.  This talk will look at Day’s unusual experiment in female education, marriage and motherhood.

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