Bafton and Bufton Lydbury and Shrewsbury, Shropshire

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D Day is here. I am rechecking before my book goes to the printing process. Sorry, it is long.

I still do not have confirmation of the birth of William BUFTON b1809/1810 Shrewsbury. Shropshire since I discussed here seven years ago. I have not had good health so way behind.

I also need clarity on his ancestors.

BUFTON FAMILY from Lydbury North, Shropshire 1771-1780 (abt nine children).

Parents: George BUFTON (1771) and Elizabeth BRIGHT, unknown birth. Married 6 April 1897 Bishops Castle, Shrewsbury

  1. Does anyone have definitive proof of an ancestor from this family?
  2. Parents possibly Thomas Bufton and Mary Bufton.
  3. Surname Mary Mass and Downes used by other researches but not shown on records unless I missed it.
  4. Does anyone know if this family stayed around Lydbury?

BAFTON AND BUFTON, Baftons, non-conformists christened at Claremont Meeting House (1798-1810) Shrewsbury, Shropshire.  Several names and DOB as Bufton christened at St. Chads. C of E, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Both had parents George and Elizabeth.

I eventually engaged a professional researcher. We both found these Shrewsbury records years ago. She said she thinks these are the same family and that children christened in non-conformist chapels were also baptised in Anglican churches. This was before I found a Joseph Bufton born 1810. Records available at that time stopped at 1808.

Interestingly the first BAFTON child was born 1798, a year after George and Elizabeth Bufton’s marriage in Lydbury.

I have analysed all record taken off various genealogy sites over the years from IGI to present. I have noted some records have now been altered.  My George, Williams father is a new entry and he died 1840 2 miles from where his son resided.

I hope someone can assist. Many people have different death dates for George born 1871 and they have taken surnames from these records.  I am looking for proof. I have my own theory. But no proof.

I have analysed convict records and ager when transferred, the trial etc. Some records like census and even the trial date have him ten years younger. But 1809/1810 which was on the convict record is correct depending on when his birthday is.I hope someone has some newss for me. Thank you for reading this.