COLLINGWOOD Family - info needed

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I am from Ottawa, Ontario and have been doing our family tree through for our daughter. I came upon an online posting dating back a few years on this site about my husband's deceased grandmother Katie Adele COLLINGWOOD GARNER, who passed away in 2003. There is a lot of information missing from her lineage. We know that she came to Ottawa, Canada as a young child and was raised by her grandparents, George COLLINGWOOD and his wife Catherine Ann. She was born out of wedlock and from what we found, her birth father's name was John Edward EDWARDS. Her mother's name was Florence May COLLINGWOOD HAMILTON. She came to Ottawa later and married a man named Archibald Henry HAMILTON and they had children together. From what my husband has told me, his father Reuben GARNER, Katie Adele's son with Charles GARNER, did not mention his grandmother at all just someone who we presume to be his aunt and he called Nellie. I know that my husband's grandmother who was the sweetest person ever, Katie Adele, was not listed on the obiturary when her mother died in 1973 in Ottawa as being a child of Florence COLLINGWOOD but her children with Archibald Henry HAMILTON were listed. We have no idea why. Perhaps her mother Florence COLLINGWOOD HAMILTON did not tell her husband of her out of wedlock daughter given the stigma and times she lived in and she was passed off as a child of her grandparents. Does anyone have any information about John Edward EDWARDS who we have found to the best of our knowledge to be the father of Katie Adele COLLINGWOOD.
Any information would be greatly appreciated as well as the names of his parents etc. I found myself sad thinking about my husband's grandmother Katie Adele who was such a wonderful person being rejected or being a secret just because she was born out of wedlock. I know that as a child coming to Ottawa on the boat from England, I remember hearing that she didn't know if the other children coming with her and her grandparents were her siblings or cousins. She came to live with her grandparents and I am assuming was passed off as their child and her mother Florence COLLINGWOOD came to Ottawa a few years later.