Dhu Stone Inn, Clee Hill, Shropshire

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Jane Wade
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Hi, can anyone tell me if the Dhu Stone Inn still exists, and if there are any images of same.  I have ancestors who were Innkeepers of the Dhu Stone Inn.  In the 1871, 81 & 91  census Benjamin GENNER b. 1831 was the Innkeeper at this inn.  In the 1901 & 1911 Census his daughter Augusta GENNER was the Innkeeper's wife.  Her husband was Walter William ROBERTS, he was listed as the Dhu Stone Inn's innkeeper in these census'.

Regards Jane

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Jane

If you have a look at http://www.alfjenkins.com/About.aspx you will find the details of Alf Jenkins who was born at the Dhu Stone Inn in 1936. I have just spoken to him and he will be very happy to communicate by email. His email address is in the bottom right corner of his web site. You might like to look at the books and DVDs he has produced about the area.

He did tell me that the Dhu Stone Inn is now a private house named 'Rowan Cottage'.


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Jane, following on from Mikes post above, I tried to search for the location of the pub for you using the 'new address'.

No such luck with Rowan Cottage but if you search for 'The Rowan House, Dhustone Lane' you get more success - type it in on Shropshire Councils Localview Map http://shropshire.gov.uk/maps/default.htm, it should give you the location. You can view aerials too if you click on the top right options.

It comes up with the following postal address: the Rowan House, Dhustone Lane, Clee Hill, shropshire, SY8 3PQ.

Patricia McDowell
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Dear Jane, we bought the Dhustone Inn in 1984 and converted it into a house and we called it the Rowan House because of the lovely tree. Contact me on patricia.mcdowell@talktalk.net for more info as we have the details from the deeds and it is very interesting. From Pat McDowell.

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I have informed Jane of your posting.
[UPDATE] the email has bounced back. sad