Doddington Parish Church

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I have a copy of the Society's booklet Doddington Shropshire Church and Churchyard published in 1996.  Inside the front cover it indicates the church name is St. James, Doddington Shropshire - Monumental Inscriptions 1858-1996.  However, when I Google the church name it comes up St. John's, and I have found references in online trees to St. John the Baptist.  Would appreciate knowing which  is the correct name.  Thanks in advance, Jan Mackie


PS  I just found your list of parish churchs and it does indeed indicate that the church is St. John's.

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Jan

Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention.

Looking at a Directory of the Diocese of Hereford from a few years ago the church was known as St John the Baptist but looking at the church web site now it seems to be known simply as St John's.

I will make arrangements for our master copy of the MIs to be corrected.

Michael (Admin)