Family of Thomas CHOLMONDELEY

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Susy Smith
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Researching Thomas CHOLMONDELEY who sailed to New Zealand in 1850 to claim land that was bought by the Canterbury Association, of which his relative, The Marquis of Chlomndeley was a founding member. THOMAS returned to Shopshire in late 1850's as he had inherited Condover Hall.

I am interested to know who his parents were. I am a relative

jackie williams
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Hi Susy,
I read your query with interest as there were some CHOLMONDELEYs living near me but did not know any info for you.

But in the library today I noticed a book about Condover Hall published by in 2011. A Thomas CHOLMONDELEY (1823-1864) inherited Condover Hall in 1863, but died on honeymoon in Florence the next year, his brother Reginald, I think, then inherited. The book traces the ownership of Condover Hall from the 1550`s, a Mr OWEN of Welsh extraction, a London judge, through Owens then daughters to Thomas` father. The CHOLMONDELEYs sold it in 1896. There was no CHOLMONDELEY history, but the descent was shown from the Owens. Actually I think Thomas` father may have been Charles, and his grandmother an Owen, or even her mother.

That is all I remember from a quick flick through without a notebook. Hope it helps.