GRINSELL & HOTCHKIS families, C17th Shrewsbury

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Hello All,

I've been researching the family of Walter GRINSELL d.1656 tanner, his son Edward GRINSELL sr. d.1686 and Edward GRINSELL jr. d.1694 and also Richard HOTCHKIS draper d. grandfather of the last named d.1643 and his son of the same name d.1663. 

These two families were linked by marriage and also it would seem religious affiliation, as both were non-conforming for much of the seventeenth century. I would be very grateful if anyone had any information about these families in the earlier part of the seventeenth or sixteenth centuries; alternatively, if anyone knows of any connection to the Tompson family (also Shrewsbury, latterly Oswestry) I would be most interested to hear from you.

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Morgan-Thomas

London/Durham, UK