Malthouse row ketley

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Can anyone tell me the exact position of malthouse row in ketley /ketley brook

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Baz

I see that this address still existed at the time of the 1939 Register so there may be someone still alive who remembers it but I fear that it was probably swept away when Dawley New Town (now Telford) was created from the 1960's onwards.

Looking at the 1939 Register it seems that Malthouse Row consisted of a group of nine houses and looking at the Ordnance Survey map from about the same time I can only see one group of nine houses.  These were situated immediately to the east of the modern day Ketley Brook roundabout and on the north side of the old Roman Road, not the piece of road which used to be the A5 before the Wellington Bypass (M54) was built. Ordnance Survey Map Ref: SJ 670 110.

The Telford Development Corporation used to have some archive photographs which I presume are probably now at Shropshire Archives so it might be worth you taking a visit there to search through their holdings to see what you can turn up.  You will need to have a Reader's Ticket to view original material.

Referring back to the 1939 Register there are currently ten names redacted so there are potentially that many people still alive who have lived in Malthouse Row so it might be worth you writing to the local newspaper to see if anyone can help you.


Ken Richards
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Hello Baz and Mike

Mike is correct with the location of Malthoouse Row: east of Ketley Brook on the south side of Watling Street/A5 that existed before the roundabout.

Here is another reference to the history of the old buildings on that site at Discovering Shropshire's History and the records of Wellington Urban District Council 1834-1974: