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My Husband has an ancestor married in 1829 with a Banns date of 1 February 1829 (first week of reading the Banns).  From FMP James's Parish was High Ercall and the residence 'Extra-Parochial Place, Haughmond Demesne'.  The Groom lived in Ercall Magna and the Bride was Ann CROWDER, and lived in Extra-Parochial Place.  I have looked at Wikipedia for this residence and realise what it is about and I presume the location is around Haughmond Abbey.  James was baptised at All Saints Church, Wellington and Ann was baptised at Astley Church, Shropshire (if I have the right Ann).  Both were buried at All Saints Church, Wellington.  It is the first time I have seen this residence and would be interested, and perhaps other members on this site, as to any added interest.

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The following is taken from 'The Family Historian's Enquire Within' which has loads of useful information.

This was an area outside the jurisdiction of the parish.  Neither poor rate nor church rates were paid, though tithes, in theory, went to the Crown.  A resident could choose to worship in the adjoining parish of his choice.  In 1894 extra-parochial areas were abolished, and either added to an existing parish or given parish status."

I hope this helps to explain the situation.

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Thanks Mike.  I will have a look for that.