NICHOLLS Family of Pontesbury.

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I am currently researching my g.g.grandfather's family.  His name was John Nicholls and originally came from Pontesbury.  He, his brothers and his father were Bricklayers, and John and his brother Benjamin moved to the Birmingham area in the early 1800's.  John married into the Heaton family (Elizabeth Heaton being my g.g.grandmother).  Unfortunately John died in 1848 at the age of 41 after he "fell" into Birmingham Canal.

I was hoping that some members might be able to help with any information relating to the Nicholls family from Pontesbury.  Most of the family remained there, and continued in the family trade of Bricklayers.  I have some records that say they were born in Lea, Pontesbury or  Lea, Worthen.  Are they one and the same place by any chance? 

Love to hear from anyone with any information.

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There is a Nicholls family of Pontesbury recorded in Archaeologia Cambrensis and Genealogy of Shropshire, an amalgam of which can be found here:

* originals are at Shropshire Archives

And are given a descent from Humphrey "The Wild" Kynaston, highwayman.

I have not yet looked into the family, but seemingly have a connection. Being bricklayers, your lot may be a younger cadet line.

Martyn Freeth
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Hello. Lea (modern Lea Cross), a mile or two on the Shrewsbury side of the village of Pontesbury, is not the same as Leigh (in earlier centuries Lee), south of the centre of Worthen.

Nicholls was the surname of two lesser landowning families in Pontesbury parish, one at Boycott (nnw of the village) other at Newnham, close to Yockleton. I have photocopies of the pedigrees in the Morris brothers' 19th c mss pedigrees.

However, I know from casual, non-personal research that the surname was frequent in the parish, with no link readily seen to the landed families.

Main point: do not assume a single family.


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Beth, I am descended from John NICCOLLS of Newnham, a family which appears in the Morris pedigree and various books on landowners locally.  Whether this ever gets to you with this new system I cannot be sure, but I will try.  My "lot" did not include bricklayers and the main body of the family left he village about 1860.  Regards, Pontesbury

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My cousin tells me that in the late 1930's / 1940's YOCKLETON MILL was owned by a Mr. Nicholls, my aunty, his Mum was a housekeeper to him and he allowed my family including my Mum to stay, my Grandmother did also and my sister. 

Does this ring a bell to anyone as they all talked about staying at the Mill with fond memories.

Angela [SALTER family from Shropshire] 

P.S I don't live in Shropshire so have no acces to records.

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Well my last name is SALTER and my great grandmother has a book about our family history and in this book it said that one of my family members got booted from Ireland for theft. I didn't know if it was true and I never got to see his name so I really don't know. I've done massive amounts of research and have come up with nothing. All I know is after that he went to England then went to New Orleans and it really made me think because I'm from Louisiana. It's cool learning about your history but creepy at the same time.


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Hi Beth,

My 2x great grandfather was John Humphreys Nicholls and he was born in Pontesbury in c1854. His father was Job Nicholls and mother Emma Humphreys, second wife of Job. I think his first wife was Ann but she died very young. John and his younger sister Jemima went to live with their Grandparents (Emma's parents) as Emma died young also. 

John H Nicholls eventually married Roseannah Jones (as far as i can tell) and lived in Burslem , Staffordshire, my great grandmother Jemima being the eldest of their children. 

Do you think this is the same Nicholls family as yours?



Ken Woodgate
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Reading this series of posts - is 'Pontesbury' who posted in 2011?  re John Niccolls of Newnham still on the Forum lists?

Would be interested in making contact - I also have connections to this family


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Hello Ken

I know from another source that the gentleman who called himself 'Pontesbury' died a few years ago.  I will send you some more information by email.