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I recently visited Shrewsbury from Manchester to look round and do some research in the archives, I found 3 relatives in the burial register, 1 was buried in a common grave with the reference numbers for the location in the old part of the cemetery on Longden Rd, buried in 1928.The other two were his parents who were buried in a purchased grave with no reference as to where the grave was located one buried in 1904 the other 1909, I presume they would be in the old part of the cemetery as well. I visited the cemetery on my journey back I found roughly where the common grave was but quite surprised as to the state the cemetery was in all over grown and to dangerous to walk between the graves, went next to the new part and this was well looked after, does the council not maintain both. Can anybody shed any light on why the purchased graves have no reference to there location.

Regards Robert.M

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Hello Robert

All the grave stones in the Shrewsbury Cemetery should have their reference number engraved on them, possibly on the back or one of the sides.  This means that it is possible to locate an unmarked grave by finding nearby graves with stones on them and then using cross referencing - I did this for some of my family.  One of the complications is that the graves are laid out in a grid system but the roads are in curves which cut across the grid.  If you look at the panel of nine images on the right hand side of this page then the left hand image in the middle row is a plan of the cemetery which you can print off to help find your family graves.  At the top of the image is an example of the numbering system and at the bottom left a detail of the layout of an individual section.

The records for the old part of the cemetery available on microfiche at Shropshire Archives are divided into four separate parts:-
Burial Register
Index to Register of Burials
Purchase of Graves
Register of Graves
I feel sure you will be able to find the grave reference for your family using a combination of the four sets of records listed above.

You will find more information about the cemetery records on the Shropshire Archives web site.


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thanks Mike

I had the plan and layout of the graves and the grid system and I'm aware of the lettering and numbers on each stone, I sort of roughly found where one grave was but the cemetery was so overgrown to go searching, thanks for the info on the other registers I will delve further when I pay another visit soon.

Regards Robert.

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The older part of Longden Rd Cemetery is left to grow wild for part of the year to encourage flora & fauna, however they do normally trim it back once a year.