SOUTHERN Family in Much Wenlock (pre 1800) then Ditton Priors (post 1800)

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chris southern
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I know my family lived around Much Wenlock until the early 1800's when they moved to Ditton Priors.

My forebear Thomas SOUTHERN (born Much Wenlock 1795 died 1856) was the son of Joseph SOUTHERN (1754-1826) and Ann FARNOLLS (1758-1842). He was married in Ditton Priors in 1821 to Elizabeth TIMS. The family lived around Hillside until WW2.

I have solid evidence for the 120 years or so in Ditton priors but debatable Much Wenlock info. I have records going back to 1660's but whether it's my line of descent I'm not absolutely certain. It seems there are three previous generations of Thomas SOUTHERNs before Joseph.

I would be grateful for any information that would help confirm the Much Wenlock line accurately.

I have visited Shire Hall previously and was amazed by the data base. Now I have moved to the South Coast and miss the access opportunity I had.