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Little Book of Shropshire  2015
by John Shipley

The Little Book of Shropshire is an intriguing, fast-paced, fact-packed compendium of places, people and events in the county, from its earliest origins to the present day. Here you can read about the important contributions Shropshire has made to the history of the nation, and meet some of the great men and women, the eccentrics and the scoundrels with which its history is littered. Packaged in an easily readable ‘dip-in’ format, visitors and locals alike will find something to remind, surprise, amuse and entertain them in the remarkably engaging little book.

Price £9.99 + £1.25 p &

by Neil Clarke

The history of East Shropshire has had a global impact, with Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale acknowledged as the 'Cradle of the Industrial Revolution'. In this book, local industrial history expert Neil Clarke examines through photographs the history of the railways in this area, which both came from the Industrial Revolution and enabled its growth, through the rapid expansion of the nineteenth century and the Grouping and the Beeching Axe of the twentieth century to the present day. Everything, from the first wagonways (early railways) to individual branch lines of the area, is examined using both old photographs and drawings and modern photographs to show the development of railways in the area. This area of Shropshire has changed beyond all recognition, as the harsh lines of industry have been replaced with greenery, yet the remnants of its industrial past can still be seen, especially through its railways.

Price £14.99 + £1.25 p & p

Crossing the River: Fords and Ferries on the Shropshire Severn Paperback

21 Mar 2015

By Neil Clarke

An historical survey of these river crossings, tracing their origin, varied uses and eventual demise when most were replaced by bridges. The book arose from a series of three annual lectures the author gave in recent years to joint meetings of the Friends of Ironbridge Gorge Museum and Broseley Local History Society. His initial interest had been river crossings in the Ironbridge Gorge, but he discovered that although the bridges had been well documented, there was little to be found on the earlier crossing. He felt the need to rectify this omission and put the Shropshire fords and ferries on the map

Price £9.99 + £1.25 p & p


William Snook 1861-1916 by Harry Andrews

The life and times of a Shrewsbury born runner –published by Snook’s great nephew, and SFHS member, Harry Andrews.  Whilst providing a fascinating insight into 19th Century life it also shows how the formation of Amateur Athletic Association influenced the development of athletics both in the U.K. and beyond.

Price £4.99 + £1.50 p & p  now £2.00
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SEVERN by Richard Hayman
Published in 2012, this is the first major work about the cultural history of the River Severn to be published since the late 1940s. The river has remained a powerful force of nature, in spite of all our efforts to domesticate it. It has also played a prominent role in national history, especially during conflicts like the Civil Wars and Edward I's conquest of Wales. The book explores the many ways in which the river has become part of our culture, including eating its fish, navigating it, mythologising it and drowning in it. It is about why the river has always mattered. A review in the academic journal Landscapes described it as 'imaginative and enjoyable', and as 'an attractively presented and widely researched book which does full justice to the fascination of its subje

Price £15.00 + £3.60 p & p 

THE SEVERN - Plynlimon to Bridgnorth
by Jan Dobrzynski

Flowing 200miles from source to sea the Severn is Britain's longest river.  This is the first of two books which give a unique insight into the history of this ever-changing river.  
From it's source in the Welsh Mountains through the Marches and into Shropshire this book covers the first 100 miles revisiting the locations of sepia and colour tinted scenes of yesteryear so beloved by Edwardian tourists and travellers and comparing them with photographs of the present day.  Reproduced in full colour Jan examines how the Severn (Afon Hafren to the Welsh and Sabrina to the Romans) has been immortalised by earlier generations of photographers and artists.

Price £14.99 + £1.25 p & p

THE SEVERN - Arley to Avonmouth
by Jan Dobrzynski

The companion volume to Plynlimon to Bridgnorth follows on from the Shropshire/Worcestershire border over the final leg of the rivers journey to the estuary and the sea showing how it has changed and developed over the last century.

Price £14.99 + £1.25 p & p

DROVERS ROADS by Wayne Smith

The Drovers' Roads of the Middle Marches: Their History and How to Find Them, Including Sixteen Circular Walks

Price £10.00 + £1.25 p & p


A Grim Almanac of Shropshire is a day-by-day catalogue of 366 macabre moments from the county’s past. Featured here are such diverse tales as mining disasters, suicides, miscarriages of justice, axe murders, executions and tragic accidents, including the Meadow Pit Mining Tragedy of 1810, when four men suffocated from sulphur fumes after the pit caught fire, and the mysterious disappearance of a Lancaster bomber - and its crew - over Shropshire more than sixty years ago. Generously illustrated, this chronicle is an entertaining and readable record of Shropshire’s grim past. Read on ... if you dare!

Price £14.99 + £1.95 p & p


Andrew Homer offers a fascinating insight into some of Shropshire's most haunted pubs, inns, hotels and licensed establishments. It comes as no surprise that the dramas and tragedies played out over the years within the walls of these properties should result in such convincing accounts of ghostly activity. You will discover accounts of phantom children, poltergeists, spectral animals, a cheeky bottom pinching ghost and how a jealous highwayman from long ago still makes his presence felt. Find out which haunted rooms to stay in, or indeed avoid for an undisturbed night's sleep. Visit the licensed properties included here for yourself and who knows, perhaps you will have a ghostly experience to add to the rich heritage of Shropshire's haunted hostelries

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p

HAUNTED SHROPSHIRE by Allan Scott-Davies

*History Press*

Spooky sightings in Shropshire

Price £9.99 + £1.95 p & p



Sally Tonge, well-known Shropshire storyteller, here retells some of the county's best ghost stories in her own inimitable style. From the "Phantom Funeral of Ratlinghope" to the "Bagbury Bull" and from the murderous "Bloody Jack of Shrewsbury" to the eerie "White Lady of Longnor": there is something here to frighton everyone. This fascinating introduction discusses and explains the recurring motifs in the tales, such as bottled ghosts, white ladies, encounters with the Devil, and also considers these stories' basis in historical fact. This book is illustrated with a selection of drawings and atmospheric photographs. "Shropshire Ghost Stories" is bound to be a popular addition to the county's bookshelves. 'A delightful collection of Shropshire folktales to read aloud and share on dark winter nights.' Matthew Carr, BBC Radio Shropshire

Price £9.99 + £1.95 p & p


From that great Salopian focal point, landmark for the Legions, the Wrekin, to the uplands of the half-Welsh Clun Forest; from the bare Clee Hills to the jagged Stiperstones, a rich diversity of rock formation produces striking contrasts in the natural scene. Shropshire is divided by the River Severn into two roughly equal halves. The north-east is a wide and fertile plain; south-west of the river is the famous hill country which is the subject of this book. One of the most attractive areas in the whole of England, it has preserved its individuality together with many of the outward and visible signs of an ancient past.

Price £6.95 + £1.25 p & p


A good read if you are visting and want to frequent the pubs of Shropshire.

Price £14.99 + £1.95 p & p


Takes the reader on a tour of Shropshire's inns. Illustrated with over 100 images, this work offers an insight into the history of these crafted items. It is useful for those interested in the story behind the signs, and provides a guide for those who wish to locate them around the county.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p


Shropshire Murders brings together numerous murderous tales, some of which were little known outside the county, and others which made national headlines. Contained within the pages of this book are the stories behind some of the most heinous crimes ever committed in Shropshire. They include the Revd Robert Foulkes, who killed his illegitimate child in 1678; the murder of Catherine Lewis by John Mapp in Longden in 1867; the horrific axe murders committed by John Doughty at Church Stretton in 1924; and the tragic death of Dennis O'Neill, who was beaten and starved by his foster parents in 1944. Nicola Sly's carefully researched and enthralling text will appeal to anyone interested in the shady side of Shropshire's history.

Price £14.99 + £1.95 p & p


*History Press*

A Viking in the family and other family trees

Price £16.99 + £1.25 p & p  now £8.00


Welsh genealogy is usually included with its English cousin, but there are significant differences between the two, and anyone wishing to trace their Welsh ancestry will encounter peculiarities that are not covered by books on English family history. There is a separate system of archives and repositories for Wales, there are differences in civil registration and censuses, Nonconformist registers are dissimilar to these of other Churches and Welsh surnames and place names are very different to English ones. Welsh Genealogy covers all of this as well as the basic Welsh needed by family historians; estate, maritime, inheritance, education and parish records; peculiarities of law; the Courts of Great Sessions and particular patterns of migration. Written by Dr Bruce Durie, the highly respected genealogist, lecturer and author of the acclaimed Scottish Genealogy, this is the ideal book for local and family historians setting out on a journey to discover their Welsh ancestry.

Price £17.99 + £2.95 p & p  - now £12.00



*History Press*

The First World War claimed over 995,000 British lives, and its legacy continues to be remembered today. Great War Britain: Shropshire offers an intimate portrayal of the county and its people living in the shadow of the 'war to end all wars'. A beautifully illustrated and highly accessible volume, it describes local reaction to the outbreak of war; charts the experience of individuals who enlisted; the changing face of industry; the work of the many hospitals in the area; the effect of the conflict on local children; the women who defied convention to play a vital role on the home front; and concludes with a chapter dedicated to how the city and its people coped with the transition to life in peacetime once more. The Great War story of Shropshire is told through the voices of those who were there and is vividly illustrated through evocative images from the archives of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust.

Price £12.99 + £1.25 p & p


*History Press*

For generations, the county of Shropshire has maintained a range of volunteer military units - infantry, cavalry, artillery, medical and the rest - which have served effectively and loyally in peacetime and in war. In times of national emergency, their numbers have been swelled by the creation if new military formations, raised purely to meet the crisis of war and which, their duty done, have ceased to exist.
As with other countries, Shropshire has fought hard to maintain its military connections and to preserve and enhance their fine reputation. It is hoped that the publication of these photographs will be a reminder of that proud heritage and be of general interest to military historians and to veterans and families of those who served their country.

Price £12.99 + £1.25 p & p




ACTON SCOTT PARISH REGISTERS 1638-1812 - Indexed transcripts
Published by the Shropshire Archaeological & Historical Society

Price £6.00 + £1.50 p & p
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Published by the Shropshire Archaeological & Historical Society

Part 1 1559-1663                                                    Price £6.00 + £1.95 p & p
Part 2 1663-1715                                                    Price £6.00 + £1.50 p & p  sold out
Part 3 1716-1753 + Baptisms & Burials 1753-9   Price £6.00 + £1.50 p & p
Part 4 Baptisms & Burials 1760-1790                  Price £6.00 + £1.50p & p
Part 5 Baptisms & Burials 1791-1837                  Price £6.00 + £1.50 p & p
Part 6 Marriages 1754-1837                                 Price £6.00 + £1.50 p & p sold out
Part 7 Index to Registers1559-1837                    Price £8.00
+ £1.50 p & p

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Reproduced in full colour this detailed photographic examination of Bridgnorth – tells what it’s well-known streets and famous faces meant to the local people throughout the 20th & into the 21st C. Factual captions for every carefully selected picture, together with a time-line of events, gives the reader with an accurate view of the changing face of this town - through time!

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p

BRIDGNORTH - News & Events between 1852 and 1900
by Gwynne Chadwick

A fascinating glimpse back in time through a chronological list of approximately 2,800 events from the Bridgnorth Journal – births, marriages, deaths, court appearances, accidents, inquests etc. – there is no name index but it is ‘jam-packed’ full of names of Bridgnorth people.

Price £8.00 + £1.50 p & p

BRIDGNORTH - News & Events between 1901 and 1920
by Gwynne Chadwick

Following the success of his previous publication covering the period 1852-1900 Gwynne has extended his study of the Bridgnorth Journal to the first 20 years of the 20th century adding a further 2,300 events to his chronological list of births, marriages, deaths, court appearances, accidents, inquests, sales etc.. As before, not all events are listed, but the most interesting have been selected. There is no name index, but it is ‘jam-packed’ full of names of Bridgnorth people.

Price £8.00 + £1.50 p & p

AROUND BRIDGNORTH by David Trumper and Ray Farlow

*History Press*

This collection of over 200 photographs explores Bridgnorth and the outlying settlements of Broseley, Shifnal, Cleobury Mortimer, Much Wenlock and many more.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p


Bridgnorth lies in the south-east corner of Shropshire, separated by a dozen miles of farmland from the Black Country, the same distance from the old carpet town of Kidderminster to the south-east, and only thirty miles from Birmingham. Situated along the Severn Valley, and named after a bridge over the River Severn, as a former busy river port, Bridgnorth has seen a wide variety of industries and events over the years. Bridgnorth life is well represented here and many poignant memories will be aroused. This collection of old photographs is put together by Clive Gwilt from his unique collection. Born in the town, although having travelled around the World a few times with his job as a Merchant Navy Officer, he was always thinking about his hometown.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p

Images of England Series

Price £12.99 Remaining stock (1 copy) reduced to £8.50 + £1.95 p & p
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Images of England Series
Price £12.99
Remaining stock (1copy) reduced to £8.50 + £1.95 p & p
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by Joan Griffiths

Although Joan’s latest book will be of greatest interest to those whose ancestors attended the National School in Broseley during this period, the detailed account of school life at that time will fascinate anyone interested in early education.  Extracts from the School’s Log Books and other records describe the day to day running of the school, the weather conditions, the boys’ achievements, their poverty and the strict discipline that prevailed for the most minor misdemeanours.

Price £12.95 + £3.60 p & p
N.B. Members’ Discount NOT available on this book.

BROSELEY – The People & the Past by Joan Griffiths

Price £15.95 + £5.75 p & p
N.B. Members’ Discount NOT available on this book

A4 format produced by Joan Griffiths & friends - sold in aid of Church Funds

Price £4.00 + £1.60 p & p
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All the major transport routes from Shropshire to the North West pass through Chirk - the A5 to Holyhead, the canal, and the railway so this border parish cannot fail to have had close links with life in the North West corner of Shropshire particularly with the development, in the 19th Century, of the Denbighshire coalfield which straddles the border.

Price £11.99 + £1.95 p & p  Now £9.00 - only 1 left


DIDDLEBURY: The History Of A Corvedale Parish by Martin Speight

The result of many years’ research, this book looks at land ownership and use, to provide a localised picture of agriculture, wealth and poverty, movement of people, and the scale of estates and their management.   From Saxon times, it brings the parish to life in a most interesting and readable style.

Price £9.95 + £1.95 p & p

DITTON PRIORS: A Settlement Of The Brown Clee by Di Bryan

Di has provide an excellent insight into the history of this parish using many previously unstudied records.
Price £9.95 + £2.00 p & p

A FAMILY – A MANOR – A CHURCH  / A Story of Eyton upon the Weald Moors by Geoff Harrison

Small in size but large in content!  Even if your ancestors didn’t come from that ‘village by the water on the edge of the wild moor’ that we know as Eyton upon on Weald Moors you’ll be bound to find this book -  as I did .  A most informative and interesting read.  Geoff ‘s clear explanations of the manorial system and the historical records and evidence that he calls upon to pull this story, of a place, a family and a church, together, make this a gem of a book - set-off  by an array of photos maps and cuttings !  A wise buy - which will also contribute to preservation of St.Catherine’s Church.

Price £6.00 (No discount) + £1.50 p & p

Now also by Geoff Harrison - RAMBLINGS OF A STRANGER £5.00 +£1.50 P&P

£10.00 plus £2.00 P&P for both

IRONBRIDGE – History & Guide by Richard Hayman & Wendy Horton

Using archaeological and historical evidence the authors chart the rise and fall of the iron, clay and coal industries of Ironbridge and bring to life the communities that worked in them.

Price £14.99 + £2.00 p & p


This fascinating selection of 180 photographs, compiled by the Curator of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum, traces the many ways in which the Gorge has changed and developed over the last century. Many of the early pictures were taken by the Coalbrookdale Co. photographer employed by the company from c.1855

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p

LUDLOW THROUGH TIME by Dorothy Nicholle

This new collection of images traces some of the changes that have taken place in and around this vibrant community over the centuries. It is a town with a long and surprising history, which began with the imposing Norman castle in the control of the infamous Mortimer family. Due to its position in the borderlands, by the Tudor period it became the virtual capital of neighbouring Wales, and the castle was home to some of the country's best known nobles.Though the town's importance declined from the 1700s, as the administrators withdrew to London, Ludlow retained its charm and elegance. Today it is often voted among the nicest towns in the country, and its festivals and restaurants draw visitors from all over the world. This selection of old images and stunning colour photography takes the reader on a journey through the history of Ludlow that is sure to reawaken memories of recent times past.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p

LUDLOW IN 1960 by David Trumper

*History Press*

Ludlow is a fine old town with over 900 years of history. We can still see much of its historic character today in the magnificent castle and church and in the wide variety of architecture of its beautiful buildings. This book looks at the town as it was at the beginning of the 1960s.

Price £11.99 + £1.95 p & p

RICKARDS OF LUDLOW : Ironmongers for 140 years
by Jean Brown & Norman Grimmett with photographs by Tony Brown

Published by the Ludlow Historical Research Group this book brings a rare insight into the ironmongery trade and the independent businesses of this nature that once thrived in every market town in Shropshire and beyond.  The premises, have been used in relation to the ironmongery trade for some 200 years and has operated as Rickards since the 1860’s.  Whilst preserving the records of their history and stock from a bygone age, they continue to maintain a successful retail shop today.

Price £5.00 + £1.50 p & p

no stock available at present

Images of England Series

*History Press*

This is the second selection of old photographs of Ludlow in the Archive Photographs Series. This new collection of over 200 evocative images traces some of the changes that have taken place in and around this vibrant community over the last century. The history of Ludlow is examined throughout the decades, from the beginning of the twentieth century up until the present day. The reader can see the progression of the history of the town, the changes that have taken place in transport and industry, the shops and streets that have changed over the years, and the experiences of external events such as two world wars that have helped shape and change the nature of the town. This second selection is a collaboration by the original author, David LLoyd, and photographer Gareth Thomas. Each image is accompanied by supporting text providing a wealth of local colour and historical detail. This fascinating collection will re-awaken memories among older residents, while showing the young, the face of the area as it used to be

Price £9.99 + £1.95 p & p


ST.LAURENCE’S CHURCH, LUDLOW – The Parish Church and People 1199-2009 by David Lloyd, Margaret Clark & Chris Potter

In part a book about the physical church, its architecture, its furnishings and glass but primarily this is a book about people - those to whose lives the tombs and memorials in the church bear witness, and many others who have played their parts in the history of St Laurence’s.  The authors’ careful research has uncovered the contributions of rectors, readers and other parish clergy, as well as many a tale (not all complimentary) of parishioners and visitors.  From the medieval Palmers Guild to the modern Team Ministry, they trace the story of St Laurence’s and its people – through varying trends in religious observance, changing attitudes to the clergy, and shifting views and allegiances among the clergy themselves. They shed light on relations between the church and the townspeople especially as represented by the Borough Corporation – all this against the dramatic backdrop of the history of the church in England through the centuries.  This work of three historians combines to provide a lively account of St Laurence’s.

Price £12.95 + £3.00 p & p

N.B. No longer stocked but can be ordered


CHARLES & KATH BARTLAM – Photographers of Madeley
by Alan J. Heighway & Peter Wilson

Charles Bartlam, a native of Madeley opened his Photographic & Artistic Studio at 72 Court Street Madeley in 1905.  His wife, Kathleen Watts from Uttoxeter, joined him in the business 9 years later and continued to keep the studio going after his death in 1939, until 1948.  Over these 40 + years the Bartlams took thousands of photographs, mainly studio portraits of individuals and couples along with wedding groups, and a smaller number of local scenes and events.  Around 2,500 negatives have survived but the studio records have been lost, making identification difficult.  So far only 600 or so have been positively identified, and it is the majority of these that are reproduced in this book.  Many of the photographs identified portray wartime romances, others are of a person across a span of time showing changes in fashion and look or progression from child to adult; others show scouts, mayors and mayoresses, bridesmaids, processions, bands and the occasional building.  In the meantime work continues to attempt to identify the rest.

Price £12.95 + £2.75 p & p  2 copies left at £8.50


A fascinating selection of photographs charting the changes that have taken place in Madeley during the past century.   Changes that at times have been dramatic – from the huge increase in population due to the development of coal mining in the 18th and 19th centuries to a decline in the early 20th century as the coal was exhausted, through a period of great upheaval in the 1960’s with the birth of Telford New Town on its doorstep.   Madeley is still undergoing change today but this book records not only what has been lost but the many fine buildings that remain.  The then and now photographs, arranged to provide a guided tour of the town are interspersed with interesting and informative text.

Price £14.99 + £1.95 p & p


Men of Market Drayton who lost their lives in World War 1

By Market Drayton U3A

Price £5.96 plus £1.75 P&P


MARTON (Near Chirbury) – The Story of a Shropshire Village
by Doreen Bowen & Felicity Bevan

Within these pages Marton’s history unfolds. From its humble beginnings; a cluster of lakeside huts built on a patch of dry land amidst marshland, the village becomes the 21st century community familiar today. Museums and archives have yielded their facts and figures but it is the reminiscences of older inhabitants – who have often recounted tales told to them by their own parents – that have brought Marton’s history to life. The memories of ordinary folk, the farmer, the shop keeper and the farmer’s wife, people who worked the land and played their part in the community are our link with the past.

Price £10.00 + £2.70 p & p

N.B. No longer stocked but can be ordered

MUCH WENLOCK - Past to Present in Photographs - Book 1
by Joy Sims & Ina Taylor

This is the first book for over 100years to offer a photographic insight into daily life
in the small market town of Much Wenlock.  Packed  with images and fascinating information ranging from the 1860’s to the present day contributed by the local community - in fact contributions have so exceeded expectations that, as the title suggests, this won’t be the last book that Joy & Ina put together!

Price £9.99 + £2.00 p & p

MUCH WENLOCK - Past to Present in Photographs - Book 2
by Joy Sims & Ina Taylor

This is the second volume to offer a photographic insight into daily life in the small market town of Much Wenlock, Shropshire. Not only are there fascinating scenes of town and country life from the last hundred years, but also a celebration of 2012 in Much Wenlock, the town which inspired the modern Olympic movement.

Price £9.99 + £2.00 p & p

Both for  £16.00 + £3.00 p & p

by M J Norrey

The remains of a mysterious stone tower on the summit of Windmill Hill at the northern end of the small market town of Much Wenlock have long intrigued not only locals but those interested in old windmill structures.  Carefully researched records of estate ownership, coupled with early inscription dates identified within the structure have enabled Michael Norrey to ascertain the likely construction date of this early stone windmill, whilst the results of a structural survey have allowed him to offer an interpretation of mill's major components.

Price £12.50 + £2.10 p & p

by Joy Sims & Ina Taylor with Catherine Beale

From penny-farthing racing to 'Wenlock' the 2012 Games mascot, the illustrious 160 year history of the Wenlock Olympian Games is told in full colour.  This book follows the progress of the Games from Victorian beginnings to the thriving celebrationthey are today and explains their role in the modern Olympic movement.

Price £12.99  Now £5.00+ £1.50 p & p

THE OLD VICARAGE MUCH WENLOCK - and its families and visitors
Chronicles of a Shropshire Market Town

by Marion Brettle

With a history stretching back over 300 years this house, variously called High Street House, The Vicarage and the Old Vicarage, situated at the top of High Street has certainly seen life!
Marion Brettle provides a fascinating account of life in Much Wenlock from the 18th century to the present day through her account of the lives of those have lived there and a wealth of original pictures.

Price £12.99 + £2.80 p & p

by Malcolm Miles

Within these pages Newport’s resident  professional historian brings the history of Newport up to date with sixteen astonishing tales of fire and theft, sadism and seduction, greed and deceit, decline and fall, fair and foul, murder and mystery.
How could such things have happened in a quiet Shropshire market town? – well happen they did and thanks to Malcolm’s painstaking research you can be privy to them all!

Price £19.99 + £2.75 p & p  now £15.00


Covering a 300-year history of this Shropshire market town – and 55 Pubs!   Entertaining, factual and nostalgic, this book will appeal to the serious historian and those who simply want to recall fond memories.

Price £17.00 + £5.75 p & p

N.B.  Currently 'out of stock' but can be ordered

AROUND OSWESTRY by David Trumper and Ray Farlow

*History Press*

Oswestry is an ancient market town, just to the west of Shrewsbury and close to the Welsh border. Not much has happened here since the Battle of Maserfield in 642, which is perhaps why the town is so popular among discerning tourists and those in search of a quiet life. For his new book, David Trumper has teamed up with Ray Farlow, Shropshire postcard collector extraordinaire, for a feast of photographs that illustrate bygone days in Oswestry and the surrounding villages. Featured here are numerous scenic images of Oswestry's centre, its streets and buildings, photographs of locals at work and play, pubs, people and the stunning countryside around and about. It is sure to appeal to all those who know and love the town.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p


OSWESTRY with an account of it’s old houses, shops etc. and some of their occupants by Isaac Watkin

A hard back reprint of this classic study first published in 1920.  Isaac Watkin's Oswestry provides a detailed study of this fascinating town, looking at the layout, street, houses, shops and residents.  It is an essential work of reference for anyone with an interest in local history or genealogy.  Illustrated with over 700 photographs, line drawings and maps.  Normally retailing at £25.00

Price £19.99 + £3.60 p & p

AN OSWESTRY MISCELLANY – Aspects of our Local History
by John Pryce-Jones

Written by Oswestry historian John Pryce-Jones these 25 chapters focus on different, often less well-known aspects, of Oswestry’s history ranging from pre-Norman times to the present day, providing some fascinating glimpses into the lives of generations of Oswestrians.

Price £4.95 + £1.50 p & p
N.B. Currently 'out of stock' but can be ordered

OSWESTRY – The Parish, it’s Church and it’s People
by John Pryce-Jones

Based on a series of articles prepared for St. Oswald’s Parish Magazine in 2003 & 2004.  The common link between each of the eighteen chapters, is Oswestry’s ancient parish church, but the topics covered are wide-ranging – from the Northumbrian king, Oswald, to Victorian times and from the Civil War to the Indian Mutiny.   The whole provides a fascinating insight into parish life in Oswestry.

Price £3.95 + £1.50 p & p
N.B. Currently ‘out of stock’ but can be ordered

OSWESTRY – A Local History by John Pryce-Jones

Based on articles written by the author for local papers and magazines - the text has been revised to reflect current circumstances and provide additional information.  This 2nd edition includes a chapter about Oswestry’s Guildhall, written to coincide with it’s re-opening in 2000.

Price £3.95 + £1.50 p & p
N.B. Currently 'out of stock' but can be ordered


Arranged alphabetically - this book discusses the origin and history of the street, lane and road names used in the town from medieval times to the mid 20th C.

Price £4.50 + £1.50 p & p
N.B. Currently 'out of stock' but can be ordered


by C. Neville Hurdsman

This book tells the story of the two Shropshire parishes that evolved from the old, larger parish of St.Martins, examining closely the churches, schools, employment communications and the natural landscape that helped to mould these communities. From medieval times to the present day, through the Industrial Revolution and the brutalisation of the landscape and the lives of the inhabitants by the advent of the coal industry, to the return of the area to rural tranquillity with the closure of the last coal pit in the 1960’s.  A welcome re-printing!

Price £13.99 + £2.75 p & p

SHAWBURY  – The people and how they lived 1538-1725
by Ralph Collingwood

This book gives a detailed look at the lives of the people of Shawbury over 200 years, from all the documents the author has found that have survived from that period, which includes the Civil Wars of  the 1640s. The book contains details of the people of Shawbury’s lives and compares them to other places in the country to see if the local picture was similar or different to the ‘norm’.  This book certainly sets out a rich vein of local history.

Price £10.00 + £2.75 p & p


by Sylvia Watts

A book written by someone who lived in and loved Shifnal and was inspirational in her work throughout Shropshire

Price £10.00 + £2.75 p & p

by David Trumper & David Woodhouse

*History Press*

Contains over 200 previously unpublished photographs of the town from David Woodhouse’s vast collection of photographs showing daily life in Shrewsbury during the first half of the 20thC before many of the town’s historic and listed buildings were torn down.  It shows many family run businesses that have long since disappeared, catalogues important events and includes rare views of the River Severn and the historic suburbs outside it’s loop which almost completely encircles the town itself.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p 

SHREWSBURY – Bloody British HIstory
by Dorothy Nicolle

*History Press*

• DEATH TO THEM ALL! The story of SHREWSBURY CASTLE, where an entire garrison was executed! • The true story of the THREE-HOUR BATTLE which left over 6,000 men dead or dying! • The admiral who used his ENEMIES’ HEADS as evidence! • The tightrope artiste who DIVED TO HIS DEATH! Just a few miles from the border with Wales, the town of Shrewsbury has an incredible history. It has been attacked by the English and by the Welsh; Welsh princes have died in its streets, whilst thousands of English soldiers perished just outside the town in one of the most brutal battles ever to take place on British soil. Containing some truly bizarre facts about Charles Darwin and the true story of a Victorian serial killer’s visit to Shrewsbury, read it if you dare!

Price £9.99 + £1.25 p & p

by Samantha Lyon

*History Press*

From the momentous to the outlandish this book is packed full of fun facts and trivia about everything to do with Shrewsbury.  Much more than a tourist guide, residents too will discover things they never knew about the town - facts history, humour; it's all here in this engaging little book.

Price £5.99 + £1.70 p & p

by Barbara Coulton

The period begins with Shrewsbury's local corporation struggling to achieve greater power in a period of Catholic supremacy - it ends, a few Charters later, with an enlarged municipal goverment, with the Anglican church in ascendency and non-conformity being openly practised.
This detailed account makes much use of local archives, letters and diaries to show how Shrewsbury people wereaffected by and at times helped to shape national government.  Above all it tells the story of the Towns inhabitants; its burgesses and bailiffs ; clerks and mayors; preachers and clergy; gentry and ordinary folk.

Price £12.95 + £2.80 p & p

Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Shrewsbury and around Shropshire

by David J Cox

Criminal cases give us a fascinating, often harrowing insight into crime and the criminal mind, into policing methods and the justice system. They also tell us much about social conditions and attitudes in the past. And such cases make absorbing reading. David Cox's graphic account of 16 notorious cases in Shrewsbury and around Shropshire is a particularly strong and revealing study of this kind. Using newspaper reports, census returns and court records, he reconstructs each case in vivid detail. At the same time he looks into the background of the crimes and into the lives of the criminals, and he describes the methods of detection and the punishments that were imposed. The cases he's chosen range in date from the medieval period to the twentieth century. Included are the case of the forger who had his ear nailed to a post, the father who killed his infant son with vitriol, the transportation of a 70-year-old woman, the murder of an inmate in a lunatic asylum, a twentieth-century highway robber and a VC winner involved in bigamy. The personal dramas David Cox explores in this book will be compelling reading for anyone who is interested in the sinister side of human nature and human weakness.

Price £12.99 + £1.60 p & p

BEYOND THE BRIDGES – The Suburbs of Shrewsbury 1760-1960
by Barrie Trinder

*History Press*

A detailed account of the urban growth of the town – beyond it’s medieval limits ‘Within the Walls’. All the principle suburbs, in all their great variety are described fascinating detail and well illustrated with maps and photographs.

Price £20.00 + £3.60 p & p

Shrewsbury In the Great War 

by Dorothy Nicholles

Wars are not just about the people who fight. Those who wait at home suffer too. This book gives an insight into how the people of Shrewsbury lived through those years. Chapters describe the arrival in the town of Belgian refugees and, not long afterwards, of prisoners of war and the reaction of the local people to them all; the enlistment and later conscription of men and the tribunals held to consider the applications of those who wanted to avoid being called up; the establishment of hospitals in local houses for the treatment of the war wounded; and finally the raising of subscriptions for memorials to those who had been killed. Throughout this period most people tried to live as normal a life as possible, despite the absence of so many of their menfolk. They had to cope with food shortages and new laws that restricted so many aspects of their lives. Alongside this they lived with the constant dread of news from the front.

Price £14.99 + £2.00 p & p

A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH: The Secrets of Shrewsbury Cemetery by Peter Francis

Far from dull - anyone interested in Shrewsbury & it’s people cannot fail to be intrigued by this fascinating account of the lives of those buried here.  The great and the good who served the town in the 18th & 19th C, the entrepreneurs, those who lost their lives in tragic circumstances, the footballing heroes and many more are all brought to life in this book.

Price £9.95 + £1.95 p & p

N.B. No longer stocked but can be ordered

CRIME & PUNISHMENT: Shrewsbury by Martin Wood

*History Press*

A welcome reprint of this light-hearted but well-researched exploration, by Shrewsbury’s Town Crier, of the punishments meted out to Shrewsbury’s criminals over the centuries.  

Price £9.99 + £1.95 p & p


*History Press*

Shrewsbury Then & Now is a superb collection photographs of the town, compiled by local historian and well-known author David Trumper. Scenes of yesteryear are contrasted with modern colour views to show what has been lost and what remains. This book offers an insight into people’s daily lives and living conditions in the town, and the nature of the photographs and David Trumper’s informative captions show the sometimes drastic changes which have taken place in the name of progress.

Drawing on detailed local knowledge of the community and illustrated with a wealth of fascinating images, this book recalls what has changed in Shrewsbury in terms of buildings, traditions and ways of life.

Price £9.99 + £1.95 p & p

SHREWSBURY IN THE 1950's 1960's and 1970's by David Trumper

*History Press*

The county town of Shropshire underwent great changes in the twenty-five years between 1950 and 1975, when the council’s watchword was ‘down with the old and up with the new’. This book contains over 180 images of Shrewsbury from that time, from the transformation of the town centre to the demolition of the slum dwellings in the 1960s, when whole communities were uprooted. With stunning images from a local press photographer, fine aerial shots taken by a local land agent and material from an avid collector of Shrewsbury ephemera, it offers a unique look at the town as it developed and modernised after the Second World War, and a fascinating glimpse into the daily lives of its residents

Price £9.99 + £1.95 p & p


When the Normans arrived soon after 1066 Shrewsbury was already well established as an administrative centre with trading links throughout both England and Wales. That early market town thrived so that by 1300 or so it was one of the dozen most important and wealthy towns in England, despite regular incursions from the Welsh just over the nearby border. It was the wool trade that made Shrewsbury so successful and this success is evident in the many fine timber buildings. By Victorian times Shrewsbury's importance was being overtaken by newer conurbations growing in industrial areas elsewhere but in a sense this was fortunate since the heart of the town did not suffer massive redevelopment. This unique selection of old and new images and informative captions will be essential reading for anyone who knows and loves this town.

Price £14.99 + £1.95 p & p


The Story of Shrewsbury, written by Civic Society member, Mary De Saulles, is a user-friendly summary of the town’s history from before the Romans were around up to the present day, that it has 120 colour illustrations, 100 B&W and a good number of maps as well.  

Price £15.00 + £3.60 p & p

THE DIARY OF A SHROPSHIRE FARMER - A Young Yeoman's Life & Travels 1835-37
Peter Davis edited by Martin Davis

This unique book will be of interest, to anyone with an interest in country life in pre-industrial times.   Martin, the editor, is the 2 x gt.grandson of the Peter, the diarist, who in June 1835 at the age of 23, set out from his home in the Teme Valley to venture northwards through Liverpool to Edinburgh.  The diary of Peter’s travels, before the coming of the railway, combined  with his description of the day-to-day events of life on his father’s farm in Burford - have allowed Martin to flesh out the family’s history while providing a snapshot of the changes that were taking place in the landscape at the time.   A keen conservationist Martin compares these changes with those we face today.

Price £16.99 + £2.75 p & p


In this title, Shropshire's folklore is presented in a series of themed chapters that encompass landscape, buildings, beliefs, work, seasons, people, music and drama. In 11 chapters, the county's rich store of folklore unfolds in a way that allows readers to dip into what most intrigues, or to read from start to finish.

Price £12.95 + £3.60 p & p


*History Press*

A selection of thirty folk tales handed down from generation to generation.  Many enriched by the passage of time and founded on little more than a grain of truth but all evoking the varied landscape of our fascinating county and the way of life of those who have inhabited it over the centuries.

Price £9.99 + £1.95 p & p


The Home Guard was formed in 1940 in the response to the likely threat of invasion by Germany.  They were a volunteer force formed out of those who could not be 'called-up', with the aim of defending their own local area so that the regular Army could be left to repell the main thrust of any such invasion.  Although initially poorly equipped the Shropshire force fulfilled a vital role.  Bernard Lowry, who has a life-long interest inmilitary, successfully combines material drawn from official records held at Shropshire Archives Drawn with the personal accounts of former members.

Price £10.00 + £2.10 p & p

can be ordered

SHROPSHIRE THEN & NOW by David Trumper

*History Press*

This book captures the dramatic changes that have taken place across the county.  Placing amazing archive images alongside beautiful modern photography
and detailed captions.
David Trumper, a local historian shows us just how much has changed, giving
anyone with an interest in Shropshire a fascinating insight into its development.

Price £12.99 + £2.00 p & p


This study of the history of landholding in North Shropshire has been produced, over a period of 11 years, in a series of booklets comprising 8 Volumes.  Of the first 5 Volumes, which covered North-East Shropshire, only one – Volume 5, is sill available.  The first 4 Volumes are, sadly, now ‘out of print’.

Volume 5: Wrekin & Telford Areas

This book, which includes an Index and related maps, covers Wroxeter, Wrockwardine, Uppington, Eaton Constantine, Leighton, Wellington, Hadley, Wrockwardine Wood, Ketley, Little Wenlock, Lawley, Dawley, Stirchley and Madeley.

Price £10.00 + £1.50 p & p


SHROPSHIRE PLACE NAMES by Anthony Poulton-Smith

*History Press*

A description of the origin and evolution of each name is given, bringing to life the history of each place and the true meaning behind the names that are part of Shropshire’s rich heritage.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p



Dr Richard Moore is a retired general medical practitioner who practised in Shrewsbury for 35 years - a ninth generation doctor whose ancestors have produced medical men continuously since 1740.
This is a well- researched history of the practice of medicine in Shropshire both before and after the 1858 Medical Act when it finally emerged as a recognised profession, containing much previously unpublished material brought vividly to life by case studies, anecdotes, contemporary prints and cartoons.
The provison of healthcare through the institutions of the day, the workhouses, asylums, cottage hospitals, and friendly societies and the development of the Shrewsbury infirmary are all considered and much emphasis is placed on the voluntary support that the profession has relied upon over the years.
In conclusion, Dr Moore speculates on the future of the NHS, and whether it, and the 21st C institutions, can live up to the resourcefulness & compassion displayed by our forebears.

Price £16.99 + £2.75 p & p


ONCE UPON A HILL – The Lost Communities of the Stiperstones

The long awaited second book from the Stiperstones community!   As with their earlier book ‘Never on a Sunday’ it is interspersed with the memories of those who grew up in the area in the 1920’s,30’s & 40’s, along with many photographs, illustrations maps & graphs.  It is the villages & hamlets which have disappeared or shrunk dramatically since the second half of the 19thC when mining in the area was at it’s peak – the  ‘lost communites’ - which are the focus of this book.  Beginning with a broad history of life on the Stiperstones, subsequent chapters are devoted to -  Lordshill,Eastridge & The Hollies; Blakemoorgate & Blakemoorflat; The Paddock; Crowsnest Dingle; Perkins Beach (with Mytton Dingle); Pennerley (with Tankerville); The Bog.  It is a compilation of the work of many whose aim was to explain, inform and entertain – and so they have - it is both a joy to read and a pleasure to look at.

Price £11.95 + £2.75 p & p 

NEVER ON A SUNDAY - Memories of the Stiperstones Mining Communities

We have been fortunate to be able to access further copies of this previously advertised book - the forerunner to 'Once upon a Hill' advertised above -
From The Bog, Shelve, Stiperstones, Snailbeach to Bridges, Ratlinghope, and Pulverbatch to name but a few - these extracts from the recorded memories of over 60 local inhabitants of the valleys either side of the that rocky ridge known as The Stiperstones have been are expertly gathered together and illustrated to provide a fascinating glimpse of life as it was at school; at home; at work; at worship and at play - in sickness and in health, in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s

Price £8.50 + £2.75 p & p

TELFORD THEN AND NOW  by David Trumper

*History Press*

In 1968 the government decided to enlarge the area previously known as Dawley New Town. It was renamed 'Telford' after Thomas Telford, the 'Father of Civil Engineering', whose influence on the country can still be seen today. The architects and planners of the new town were faced with a daunting task as the area was a range of contrasting landscapes made up of large settlements, villages and hamlets, agricultural land and large areas of disused industrial sites. Another problem for the planners was how to pacify the inhabitants of the five main townships of Wellington, Oakengates, Dawley, Madeley and Ironbridge, who were fiercely independent. The Telford Development Corporation wisely left them as district centres, linking them together with an amazing network of bypasses and roads. Teleford Then and Now charts the town's transformation through a wonderful collection of old photographs, taken between 1890 and 1970, which are compared and contrasted with modern equivalents, unveiling striking changes and unexpected similarities.

Price £14.99 + £1.95 p & p


The places featured in this book of old picture postcards (previously unpublished in a book) are revealed in alphabetical order and cover an extensive area of East Shropshire – not just the townships and villages that combine to form modern Telford but High Ercall, Much Wenlock, Newport, Shifnal and more.  All taken in black & white some were enhanced by hand-painted by studio artists of the day and others have adopted a sepia tint over-time.

Price £14.99 + £1.95 p & p

NORTH TELFORD: Wellington, Oakengates, & surrounding area
Images of England Series

*History Press*

This fascinating selection of photographs reflects some of the different and varied aspects of life in North Telford from the 1970s to the 1950s, providing a glimpse of the familiar and the unusual, the survivals and the changes. In this companion volume to "South Telford", the areas north of the M54 motorway is the centre of attention. The photographs show the communities close to Thomas Telford's Holyhead Road (the later A5), their working environments, families and leisure activities, the area had a different character to that of the small scattered settlements to the south, and at the heart of North Telford, Wellington was an established market town long before the Industrial Revolution. It managed to retain its urban identity despite the industrial changes nearby, and the arrival of Telford New Town in the 1960s. Other communities like Oakengates, St Georges, Trench and the satellite villages, were much more affected by the industrial activity of the last two centuries and the building of the New Town. The extensive industrial and domestic developments of the last few decades will ensure that the late twentieth century also leaves its mark on the landscape.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p

SOUTH TELFORD: Ironbridge Gorge, Madeley & Dawley
Images of England Series

*History Press*

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Ironbridge Gorge was the scene of dramatic industrial activity which today's resident or visitor finds difficult to envisage. Coal had been extracted from the hillsides of Benthall, Brosely and Madeley for some time before Abraham Darby I settled in Coalbrookdale in 1708. However, it was the rapid growth of the iron industry which transformed this part of East Shropshire. The old-established town of Madeley expanded to meet the needs of a growing workforce, whilst Dawley developed as an important centre for mining and iron making. The town of Ironbridge sprang up as a direct result of the building of the Iron Bridge, and another settlement was created at Coalport. On the south side of the river, Jackfield thrived as a busy inland port. From the mid-nineteenth century, problems with transport and the availability of better raw materials elsewhere led to the migration of the iron making industry to other parts of the country. Thus by the time photography came on the scene the area, although still dependent on heavy industry, was in decline. This trend continued into the twentieth century and was only reversed with the arrival of Telford New Town on the 1960s. This selection of photographs will appeal equally to those who recall the scattered and fiercely independent communities of the industrial era, and to the many recent arrivals who only know Telford as it is today. There is a companion volume, North Telford.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p

HAUNTED TELFORD by Philip Solomon

*History Press*

So many small settlements of ancient origin were brought together to form the town and area we now know as Telford that it is not so surprising that this ‘new’ town, now the largest in Shropshire, plays host to many spirits of the past.   Superstitions and hauntings abound, from as far apart as Buildwas in the West to Shifnal in the East, Newport to the North, Broseley to the South and everywhere in between – all making for a fascinating read.

Price £9.99 + £1.95 p & p



This is the story of one particular family who stemmed from Robert Morris, a mercer from Lutterworth, Leicestershire who married Anna Wright a mercer’s daughter in Wellington c.1701 and settled there.   Although tracing all known descendants of this family through Parish Registers, Civil Registration and Census extracts to 1911, the book concentrates thereafter on the family of Robert’s grandson, John, who took up residence in Charlton Hill  in 1780 and his descendants some of whom continued to live there  until the 1950’s .   It is hoped that the publication of this book will re-unite other branches of Robert & Ann’s family with whom all contact has been lost.

Price £15.50 + £2.75 p & p

WELLINGTON IN the 1940’s & 50’s
Images of England Series - by Allan Frost

*History Press*

Containing a collection of archive photographs, this work documents life in the historic Shropshire market town of Wellington during and after the Second World War. It reveals how the people of Wellington coped with severe rationing and how they found enjoyment in a wide range of activities.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p

Images of England Series - by Allan Frost

*History Press*

This book is part of the Images of England series, which uses old photographs and archived images to show the history of various local areas in England, through their streets, shops, pubs, and people.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p


*History Press*

The definitive history of brewing and bottling in the historic town of Wellington from medieval times until the closure of the last surviving business, in 1969. Lavishly illustrated with plans, memorabilia and previously unpublished photographs.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p


With a short introduction to the town’s history from Anglo Saxon farmstead in the 7th C to the present day, this collection of 180 prints and photographs (many in full colour) trace the changes that have taken place over the last century.

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p

WELLINGTON IN THE 1920's and 30's  by Allan Frost

This collection of archive images, many never before published, documents life in the ancient Shropshire market town of Wellington between two World Wars. Entertaining and informative, this book reveals how the people of Wellington recovered from the effects of one devastating war before they were obliged to make preparations for coping with another. It shows long-established industries continuing to survive during the interwar period, and an abundance of family run shops helping to retain the traditional character of the town, then the main centre for commerce and entertainment in this part of the county. New forms of public and private transport brought immediate change, while local Councils embraced developments required for new national legislation and prepared the way for poorly conceived town plans which would later blight the economic landscape. Throughout this period of change, Wellingtonians displayed remarkable resilience. The Great War had been regarded as 'the war to end all wars', and it was with this belief that a rise in population occurred, schools thrived and a wide range of sporting and cultural events blossomed. By 1939, many folk had money to spare on dances, theatre visits and other pastimes. Then another period of austerity and heartbreak began.

.Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p

Pubs and Hotels of Wellington Shropshire  NEW

  by Allan Frost


.Price £14.99 + £1.95 p & p


Jean North, Madge Moran and Joan Barton have used their expertise to compile this history of the site and, making good use of the Rev. Egerton’s notebooks, the history of the present house (c. 1760) and it’s occupying Rector’s. Requisitioned by the government during WWII for use as a ‘Y’ station in the Bletchley Park network of listening posts a significant portion of the book is devoted to this period in it’s history.

Price £10.00 + £2.00 p & p
N.B. No longer stocked but can be ordered

AROUND WHITCHURCH & MARKET DRAYTON: Britain in Old Photographs Series
by David Trumper & Ray Farlow

David’s historical text combines perfectly with photographs from Ray’s extensive collection of early postcards to paint a picture of life north-east quarter of Shropshire.   Covering not only the market towns of Whitchurch, Market Drayton & Newport but the many villages and hamlets that lie between them - Prees, Whixall, Hodnet, Roden, Longden-on-Tern & Lilleshall to name but a few!

Price £12.99 + £1.95 p & p


Published by the Whitchurch History & Archaeology Group

Price £4.50 Remaining stock reduced to £3.00 + £1.50 p & p
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Price £16.50 including (U.K.) p & p

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Alan J. Nicholls, Windmill Cottage, Smeathorpe, Honiton, Devon EX14 9 RF
enclosing your cheque for £16.50 made payable to ‘Alan J. Nicholls’.

Although published in 1994, members with an interest in this locality may not be aware of its existence.  Alan’s research is on-going so he will be pleased to hear from anyone with Alveley connections with a view to reciprocal help.

Price £10.00 + £2.50 p & p (UK only)
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This book begins by recounting the history of the Baptist movement in England and Wales before moving on to it’s development in Shropshire and the surrounding areas from the procurement of the earliest burial ground at Stoke-on Tern in 1661 through to the present day.  Over half the book is devoted to detailed accounts of each of the churches, chapels and meeting houses that exist, or have existed, across the length and breadth of the county - arranged alphabetically from Aston-on-Clun to Whitchurch many include a list of ministers.  The author has gleaned much information from the Baptist Handbooks, Shropshire Baptist Circular Letters, Church Books and accounts related in the local press.  Concluding with a detailed Bibliography and an Index of Names this book is sure to be invaluable to anyone with Shropshire Baptist ancestry.

Price £27.00 + p & p
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This magnificent book, which includes a full index, is a revised and augmented version of the Calendar of similar title edited by Michael Faraday (S.F.H.S. member) & the late E.J.L. Cole, published by the British Record Society in 1989. It has cost very much more than the cover-price to produce and is only available at this special price because of generous donations.
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KINLET - The life and times of a Shropshire village
Price £17.00 including (U.K.) p & p

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Mr. F. Engleheart, Kinlet Hall, Bewdley DY12 3AY
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Described by Shropshire Archivist, Ivar Romo, as – ‘a beautiful book full of information.’  Interesting documents and an enviable cache of photographs abound.

KYNASTON – The Descendants of Gruffyd Kynaston of Cae Hywel by Roderick D. Davies
Price £20.00 including (U.K.) p & p
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Rhodri ap Dafydd, Wytheford House, Great Wytheford, Shawbury,
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This book draws together the many branches of the Kynaston family from its founder Gruffydd Kynaston to the beginning of the 19th C. Sources include the early Visitations of Wales and Shropshire and the many pedigrees drawn up by notable 19th & 20th C genealogists. There are also transcripts of Kynaston entries from a number of key parish registers of Shropshire & Montgomeryshire and from Boyd’s Marriage Index for Shropshire. More than half the book is illustrated with the Coats of Arms of the Kynaston family and those they married. The book is indexed to assist finding particular families and branches.

Price £11.00 including (U.K.) p & p

To obtain a copy of this book please write to:
Yoland Brown, Brownhill House, Ruyton-XI-Towns,
Shropshire SY4 1LR
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Yoland, an SFHS member, has compiled and edited this book of postcards and previously unpublished photographs donated by local people, to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the granting of Ruyton’s Borough Charter. 

Rev. Robert Foulkes, Vicar from 1660 until his execution in 1678
Price £13.50 including (U.K.) p & p

To obtain a copy of this book please write to:
Mr. P. Klein, Lyndhurst, High Street, Pembridge, Herefordshire HR6 9DT

Peter relates the full story of Rev. Robt. Foulkes, Vicar from 1660 until his execution in 1678.  Using documentary evidence Peter shows how a village simmering with jealousies, covetousness and sexual intrigue assisted in the fall of their once revered and charismatic Vicar.  All the frailties of human nature laid bare.

DISCOVERING TONG by Robert Jeffrey
Price £16.50 including (U.K.) p & p

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The Very Revd. Robert Jeffrey a former Vicar of Tong & Archdeacon of Salop has devoted his retirement to this book.  He has drawn on many resources to produce a detailed picture of the village; it’s institutions and rich cultural heritage.  The lives of the inhabitants the landowners and literary connections over the past 1,000 years are all portrayed here.  Contains maps and specially commissioned illustrations.

Published by the Whitchurch History & Archaeology Group

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WHITCHURCH TO CASTILLION The Life of John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury
Published by the Whitchurch History & Archaeology Group

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Published by the Whitchurch History & Archaeology Group

A compilation of old photographs of Whitchurch - originally published by Shropshire Libraries in 1980 this latest edition includes photographs of the same locations taken in 2000.

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