Madeley Jones, Yeomans, Wozencroft and Harris

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Hello all first post from a born and bred Shropshire lad who now lives in Chicago USA. A large portion of my mothers family hail from in and around Madeley. I was hoping I may find some folks who have ancestry there as well with connections to the surnames Jones, Yeomans, Wozencroft and Harris.

Nice to meet you all,

Neil Edwards.

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Hi Neil a new member myself but have already had some fantastic help. No connections to surnames yet but you never know. Good luck & I hope you find connections.Have you looked at members interests under online databases at the top.

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Hello Neil

I have just joined and have seen your post regarding Wozencroft.  My family are Wozencroft/Wozencraft and I am searching my family tree.

My great grandmother was Ellen Jane Brown and she married William John Wozencroft on 31st August 1882 in Burnley.  Ellen was born in Liverpool and William John was from Clun.

Ellen's mother was Sarah Elizabeth Brown (nee Davies) and she as far as I know was from Clun.

I know that the Wozencroft family lived in West Wall Presteigne and there was a Percy and a George as far as I know.  I think they are buried in the cemetary in Presteigne and I hope to go there soon to verify this.

I would be grateful if you have any information that may be connected to my family or if anyone else on this forum may have any further information.

Best wishes  Julia 


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Hi Neil,

I have a David Wozencroft who married into my Hudson family. David and his wife Mary Ann had nine children  I have David's baptism as being 1837 in Mochdre, Radnorshire, whereas several Ancestry Family Trees quote his birth as being 1840. Also thet have his name as George David.  If you subscribe to Ancestry then you should be able to find the Family Trees and also photographs of David and Mary Ann 7 of their nine children.

Further, if you subscribe to Findmypast you should be able to find something like 50 burial records, mainly in Radnorshire, but also a few from Herefordshire, Shropshire and Montgomeryshire. Alternatively you could try the free website.

Hope this helps

Phil Poole


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Hi again,

I was just checking my family tree and see that John Wozencroft (1866-1919) was the son of David and Mary Ann Wozencroft (see above). John married Agnes Christina Watters, and several of their children emigrated to the USA and also one to India.  After John's death in Cardiff in 1919 Agnes also emigrated to the US. She died in New York in 1950. There is a usefuil US naturalization record for Agnes dated 1928 that gives the names and dates of birth of her children.

Are they connected to you?