Committee and other appointments


Mrs Karen Hunter - Email: chair @ (remove spaces to use)

Mr Dave Morris - Email: secretary @ (remove spaces to use)

Mr Paul Quartermaine - Email: treasurer @ (remove spaces to use)

Membership Secretary (New Members)
Mrs Loraine Hunt - Email: membership @ (remove spaces to use)

Mr Simon Davies - Email: webmaster @ (remove spaces to use)

Ordinary members

Cathy Matthews (Minutes Secretary)

Graham Shenton

Mrs Karen Hunter - Email: editor @ (remove spaces to use)


There are currently five vacancies on the Committee. Please contact the Secretary if you think you might like to join our committee. You will not be expected to take on any specific responsibility for the Society unless you wish to do so. It will be necessary to attend committee meetings which are normally held on the 1st Tuesday of each month (except July and August) at 2pm by Zoom.


•     Mrs Ann Turner JP His Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire


•     Mrs Ann Kirby

•     Mr Michael Hulme

•     Dr David R Burton

General Enquiries

Mr Dave Morris (SFHS) see Secretary above

General Postal Enquiries

For any general enquiries by post please send them to: Shropshire FHS, c/o 48 Oakley St, SHREWSBURY, SY3 7JY, UK. Post will be passed to the appropriate member of the society team and a reply issued as soon as is possible.

Other Posts

Microfiche and Photocopies (as advertised in Publications Catalogue) - Mrs Ruth Wilford - Email: copies @ (remove spaces to use)

Burials and Marriages Index Co-ordinator
Mrs Joan Gate - Email: sbi @ (remove spaces to use)

Research Queries for MEMBERS ONLY 
Mrs Christine Abram - Email: enquiries @ (remove spaces to use)

Exchange Journals and Library (for details see Online Databases - Shropshire FHS Library)
Mr Graham Moore - Email: library @ (remove spaces to use)

Certificate Collection/Exchange
Mrs Christine Head - Email: xchangecerts @ (remove spaces to use)

Programme Secretary
Email: speakers @ (remove spaces to use)

Subscription Renewals
Mr David R Burton - Email: subs_renewals @ (remove spaces to use)

Gift Aid 
Mr Paul Quartermaine - Email: treasurer @ (remove spaces to use)

Mr Peter Grocott - Email: fairs @ (remove spaces to use)

Examiner of Accounts
Mr Andrew Fairchild