Hayward family

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Apologises if I have posted this before.

I have a Frederick Hayward, who apparently was Baptised TWICE, first question would be why?

The first Baptism took place in the Parish of Drayton in Hales on the 7th June 1850. Parents are Charles Heyward & Charlotte, there abode was Little Drayton, Charles occupation was a Butcher. 

The second Baptism took place, again in the Parish of Drayton in Hales, on the 18th August 1850. Parents are Charles Hayward & Charlotte, there abode was Drayton, Charles occupation was a Butcher. 

I have the original records, but not sure how or if I can add them here.

Thank you


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My first thought was that the first baptism might have been 'Private', that is it was performed somewhere other than in a church but there is nothing in the register entry to suggest this was the case.

The only difference I can see between the two register entries is that the first one was conducted by someone who is noted as 'Officiating Minister' whereas the second baptism was conducted by the parish priest.  I don't know whether this is significant.