HAYWARD Family - Market Drayton & Moreton Say area

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I appear to have a 'fork in the road' and a little confusion with the Hayward family.

My Grandmother was Charlotte Emily Hayward born on the 14th September 1884 in Wellington, Shropshire.

Her Father was Frederick Hayward born on the 7th June 1850 in Market Drayton, Fred was a Butcher as was his Father. I believe Fred had a Butcher's Shop in Wellington. In the Census of 1891 Fred was living in Duke Head Yard, High Street, Wellington. Fred's mother was Charlotte Clews, this was Charles 2nd Wife.

Fred's father was Charles Hayward who was born in Shrewsbury abt 1797, Charles was baptised on the 22nd July in Moreton Say. Parents recorded as Charles and Ann.

From here it does get a little grainier.

Charles Hayward, I have Christened on the 22nd November 1767 in Moreton Say. His parents are John and Margaret. In 1792 Charles married Ann Sherratt (Skerratt) on the 5th January in Moreton Say.

At this point i seem either to have Charles siblings mixed up with another John HAYWARD family. Because I have come across the majority of Charle's siblings being in a family tree with a John HAYWARD b.1736 and the mother being Ann GOSLIN (weirdly given my surname) b. 1744.

Now I have Charles father John Hayward Christened on the 3rd Jun 1736 in Whitchurch, Shropshire. His parents are recorded as John HAYWARD and Mary.

I realise I may have confused everyone even more, but I think I may have to many Charles and John's flying around at the same time in Shropshire.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be extremely grateful, thank you.

Dave Gosling

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Hello Dave

Have you thought of looking to see if any of ancestors, especially the males, left a will?  If they did it might name the children which will help you to work out which people belong to you and which ones don't.

Prior to July 1858 north Shropshire wills were at Lichfield and are now available on the Find my Past (Subscription) web site.  After July 1858 wills were dealt with by civil courts and these are now indexed on Ancestry (Subscription but index is free) and can be purchased through the Gov.uk web site.  Make sure you select the correct Tab for the time period you want.


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Hello Dave

Do you have access to Find My Past?  A good way of researching siblings is to go to Parish Baptisms, just add the surname you are researching under the child's name and then, in advanced search, put in both parents names, add a specific location and do a search of at least a 10 year range of dates after their marriage.  This often produces a list of siblings with the 'correct' parents.  I've done this a few times and its really useful in sorting out families.  Happy searching.



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Hello Michael and Heather,

Thank you for replying.

I will try all your suggestions, I usually use the Family Search website for my searches, this usually turns up with information, but this being pre-census, the records become more sketchy.

Once again thank you, I don't know Shropshire that well, I live in Devon.

I will have to visit when circumstances change.


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Howdy Dave, 

I'm a new member after I discovered this thread while killing time and I may be able to provide some insight into the Hayward's - I realize I'm 4 years late to your question but perhaps it can help. I ran into ANN GOSLIN in my personal research as well. I believe the other Hayward's you're finding are from my tree.

I have confirmed through family records and public records that George Hayward (b. 1804, d. 1875, he marked Bletchley, Salop on multiple censuses), was my great-great-great grandfather. His parents (confirmed) were JOSEPH and ANNE (HOPE) HAYWARD, as noted in Moreton Say parish records. Joseph's parents, were JOHN and ANN (GOSLIN) HAYWARD. Also, confirmed through parish records. From what I can gather, another sibling AMBROSE was my ticket to narrowing from the other HAYWARD family, including a Charles, who we don't have. Ambrose was different enough that I could seperate them. Too many John's and George's in the area at the time. 

George went on to join the 19th Foot Regiment (Green Howards) and spent time in Ireland as a military police officer and then to the West Indies for 7 years before returning to Shropshire (Meole Brace) with his wife (Margaret, from Ireland) and their 2 sons (Joseph and John), both born in Cork during their time there.  Their return was confirmed with 1851 census data, following his discharge at 42 years old. His military records helped me to confirm his parents and grandparents. The continued to have children in the county. John (my great-great grandfather, born in Ireland) moved to Liverpool with his wife, MARIA PEGG (born in Market Drayton). From there, his son HERBERT, my great-grandfather applied as homesteader in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

Happy to chat more!

Take Care,

Mick (from Canada)



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Hello Mick,

I will look into the info you have posted above and see if we do have a conection.

Thank you for making contact

Dave Gosling