EDWARDS - Whittington, Hengoed, St Martins

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Gary Edwards
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I'm a new user on the forum although I have been researching my family for a considerable time already.  I would like to hear from anyone with information or interests in the EDWARDS family originally from Whittington.  In particular, I would be especially interested in contacting any descendants of:

Hannah EDWARDS (b.1817)

Samuel EDWARDS (b.1844)

Hannah EDWARDS (b.1845)

Samuel Richard EDWARDS (b.1873)

The intent would be to build knowldege about the family through the mutual sharing of photographs, information and anecdotes etc.

Gary EDWARDS.  (Formerly from Hengoed, Shropshire, but now living in Wiltshire UK.)

Gary Edwards
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It's been a while since my original post, so I thought it would be prudent to re-post and broaden my research interests here.

I am interested in the families and offshoots from the following EDWARDS families, originally from Whittington:

Samuel EDWARDS (b.19 Apr 1789) Whittington, and his wife -

Elizabeth HANMER (b.12 Mar 1789) Maesbrook Ucha, Kinnerley, and their daughter -

Hannah EDWARDS (b.Dec 1817) Whittington, and her illegitimate son -

Samuel EDWARDS (b.6 Aug 1844) Whittington, and his sister -

Hannah EDWARDS (b.29 Sep 1845) Whittington, and her neice (Samuel's daughter) -

Hannah EDWARDS (b. 19 Dec 1866) Rhosygadfa.


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In late 1950's / 1960's I lived at Rhos-y-Gadfa at Rhos-y-Gadfa Farm, however once we sold up another farm called itself RyG Farm as I believe it had been called pre-1940, so be careful about any farm names you find. Also I was only young when living there but I think there were EDWARDS' farming at Lower Ebnal,